The articles on sale in Scelto per te, are used and have no warranty from the seller.  The site shows the merchandise via photo and a realistic description to help buyers with each purchase. Scelto per te, is a physical store, so that you can touch the items you like,

The articles, generally used, belong to private vendors that trust us with a sale proposal through a sales agreement given to our company.

Every item, sold by us, belongs to a private individual that assumes the ownership of the object, which is registered and coded by us, and also assumes the responsibility of the origins of the item.

In the full sense of the law that prohibits the sale of fake products. We pay a lot of attention and care to make sure of what we sell on the post of a third party.We propose for sale only original and in the absence of certification of authenticity, we Entrust the experts in the field to establish authenticity

The items are shipped within 24 hours of the receipt of your payment, during a normal workweek.

Many factors could vary the time of arrival, but generally, in Italy, it does not take more than 5 working days.  Our staff works in the best possible manner to monitor, manage and expedite in the shortest time possible: upon request, we will furnish the track number of the shipment to monitor the arrival.

We accept only original items, clean and with no defects.

The price is based on several factors, such as condition and dating of the item.  Accurate market research allows us to establish a likely price.

Yes, in the period of March-August we display spring and summer items while in the period of September-February we display autumn and winter.

Accessories such as handbags, sunglasses, watches and jewelry are not seasonal.

Items given for sale will be displayed free, for a minimum of 90 days and for a maximum until the change of season, conventionally the dates are February 28 and August 31. After that period (except for accessories) all the seasonal items not picked up by the vendor will be eliminated.

In any case, no item can be left on display for more than 180 days.

Scelto per te, gives you a percentage of the sale price. It can be received in cash at the sale location, by check or bank draft sent to the address given at the time of registration.

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